Enterprise Moves

All the Enterprise Moves from Uncharted Worlds are in play. The changes to the text below are cosmetic only.

When one of the starship sections would suffer damage from outside, the pilot Rolls 2d6. If a character is at the shield station, they Roll instead, and add their+Interface.
On a 10+, the severity of the damage is reduced by two.
On a 7-9, the severity of the damage is reduced by one.
On a 6-, shields down! The section suffers damage, and the shields need to be repaired or recharged before they can be used again.

When you engage your Mass Effect drive without a clear route, Roll 2d6.
On a 10+, You reach a point within a week’s travel of your destination, or choose from the list below.
On a 7-9, The GM chooses one from the list below:
• You find an uncharted world, ready for exploration.
• You find exploitable resources, there for the taking.
• You discover a scientifically-interesting phenomenon.
• You discover wreckage or ruins of unknown origin.
• You find a new path to a well-known destination.
• You encounter a faction or culture that is new to you.
On a 6-, the GM will describe the ugly, debilitating, terrifying consequences. It’s full of stars.

When you’ve been trapped in cramped quarters with the same people for a significant amount of time (a leg of an interstellar journey, etc), choose a character trapped here with you and Roll 2d6.
On a 10+, describe how the two of you bonded over the past few days.
On a 7-9, reveal/discover the answer to their question about an aspect of yourself or your past.
On a 6-, describe what caused the newest hurt feelings or bad blood between you.

When you demand important services or assets from a market able to supply those demands, Roll0. If you offer a cargo unit as part of the deal, Roll+ that cargo’s Class.
On a 13+, the deal goes through; you get what you asked for.
On a 10-12, the deal goes through if the seller/market is amiably disposed toward the deal. Otherwise, as 7-9.
On a 7-9, the deal will only go through if you accept a cost, a task or a lesser asset/service instead of what you asked for.
On a 6-, the deal will only go through if you call in a Favor.

BARTER (Cargo)
When you exchange a foreign unit of cargo for local trade goods, Roll + the Class of the cargo unit.
On a 13, you attract the attention of a faction or individual with a unique item or service to trade.
On a 10-12, you get a higher Class cargo of local goods in exchange, to a max of Class 4.
On a 7-9, you get a higher Class cargo, to a max of Class 4, and the GM chooses one flaw:
• The negotiations take many days to complete.
• The goods need special care (fragile, hazardous, etc).
• The goods are very odd, distasteful or bizarre.
• The provenance or legality of the goods is dubious.

Enterprise Moves

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