Career Path – Mettle/Physique

In combat, you can summon a biotic barrier that defends against incoming kinetic energy. Your Barrier counts as a Class 2 Simple Attire. Choose 2 of the following upgrades each time you summon it: Armored, Carapace, Impressive, Jump Jets, Explosive. The "Explosive" upgrade means that you can purge your Barrier in a detonation focused on you that acts as a Class 2 Explosive (Triggered, Destructive, Concussive, Stylish). You're immune to damage from your own detonations.  If your Barrier should be purged, overwhelmed or destroyed, it's gone for the rest of that fight, but you can summon it again once you've had a chance to rest. 

Biotic Attack
You can manipulate Mass Effect fields in your vicinity for a variety of offensive purposes. In combat, choose how you'll wield your biotics:

  • Class 2 Melee (Impact, plus 2: Charging*, Destructive, Energy, Flexible, Stun, Stylish)
  • Class 2 "Firearm" (Adjacent/Close OR Close/Far, Impact, plus 1: Burst, Destructive, Explosive, Stun, Stylish)
    You can change the upgrades on your biotic weapon in mid-fight by Facing Adversity with Physique.
    *Charging: You can close the distance between you and any foe in Close or Far range instantly as part of your Launch Assault

Tactical Telekinesis
You can lift, drop, or throw scenery, terrain, or other objects to your benefit or the benefit of others. You can Face Adversity or Get Involved to grant yourself or another Advantage (or, if you wish, Disadvantage) on your next die roll so long as that roll could be affected by telekinetic manipulation.

You can seize physical control of another person through your biotics. You can use Physique instead of Influence when you Command an NPC, and they will obey regardless of motivation, faction, or personal opinion of you. They are also likely to really hate you once your control over them ends. Your Command only affect physical actions. You cannot Command them to speak particular words or think particular things.

Limited Flight
You are capable of maneuvering in three dimensions despite gravity, and can affect others the same way. You can Face Adversity or Get Involved in any situation where being able to fly, or grant others flight, would be useful. If you roll a 10+, describe a moment of exceptional grace.


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